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You won’t find a better option than Delicrea to stimulate children's learning and creativity. Our brand offers something more than a candy, in addition to this enjoy delicious flavors and colors, you will have an innovative and attractive product for the most demanding customers.

Become a fun partner and activate the creativity of your market!

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Delicrea products are supported by PISSA high quality certifications.


1st Certification at Dec 2011 Obtaining the highest raiting "A"

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ISO 9001:2008

QMS(Quality Monitoring Scheme) 8 Guidelines (Problem Solving Methodology)

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  • Personal Practices
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  • Certified Suppliers
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Delicrea products
YUMMY SAND -Sand that becomes bubble gum


Sand that becomes bubble gum

Yummy sand is a delicious sugar mix with sand texture which you can build castles. Once you place it in your mouth it becomes Bubble Gum!. Also inside the box you can find several tools to make the castles: shovel, shaper, extractor and 2 illustrated placemats. We have two different flavors: Cherry and Blueberry

YUMMI video
Yummi Sand - Sand that becomes bubble gum
Emotipaint - Give color to your emotions


Give color to your emotions

This is an amazing plastic container pen shaped, filled with delicious gel to give color to your emotions. Paint funny faces on tasty dextrose tablets of lemon, strawberry and blueberry flavors. Gift tablets to your friends and share your mood with this perfect combination. Have fun with Emoti Paint!

emotipaint video
Emotipaint - Give color to your emotions
Lollipop maker - Make your own lollipop

Lollipop maker

Make your own lollipop

Lollipop Maker is a kit to make 6 lollipops with multiple combinations of flavors. The Kit contains a box with 24 perforated tablets in 8 different flavors, 6 sticks specially designed to assemble up to 4 tablets with which you can experience multiple combinations.

Lollipop maker - Make your own lollipop
Candy dough - Unique edible clay!

Candy dough

Unique edible clay!

Delicious sweet clay bars with which you can mold fun figures that you can eat. Candy Dough includes 5 sticks in different flavors ( strawberry, blueberry, Green Apple, vanilla & mango ) and one waxed placemat paper to place your creations.

Candy Dough - Unique edible clay!
Candy bricks - Candies to build!

Candy bricks

Candies to build!

Delicious sweet dextrose tablets in shape of bricks that are assembled to create funny figures. Make your creativity fly with Candy Bricks and build a world with your imagination!

Candy bricks - Candies to build!


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